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Freshman Seleen Love has lived in Auburn her whole life. She, along with her sister, grew up without many kids in their neighborhood, making their sibling bond much stronger. Seleen was homeschooled for a semester before transferring to Washington Elementary the next semester. The longest school she’s attended was Washington Elementary, which she attended for four years. She’s only been a part of the newspaper staff for a semester, but she really enjoys the sense of the community and being able to work together and talk about important topics  with people from different races without prejudice.

She started swimming in a pool since she was two and is a talented swimmer. She also is very good at journalistic writing and writing stories about herself to help decompress, while also loving to bake. This past winter break while visiting Florida, she developed a fear for open water, despite being a lifeguard with the fastest rescue time and response time. 

Her sister, Kasidy hated the plane ride to Florida, while Seleen really enjoyed it. She got to visit different parks, expressing that she hated Universal Studios. She’s never actually been out of the country.

She carries around forensic books as she wants to be a detective in the BAU ( Behavioral Analysis Unit). She is well versed in forensics and wants to help create profiles on criminals.

Seleen and her sister both share the same birthday, February 2nd.

Despite being very active in the school, Seleen quickly rose through the ranks, earning herself the position of Managing Editor. She explained that she was excited for the task since she "has the ability to voice her opinion more and help make the newspaper run more effectively and create a more structural system for the future." 

Seleen Love, Managing Editor

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Seleen Love