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Katie Quick is a sophomore student in Auburn High school and has been a member of the newspaper staff for over a year. Katie was born in Tacoma and is currently living in Auburn, Washington. Katie has moved schools frequently when she was a child. Some of those schools were Jenkins Creek Elementary, GrassLake Elementary, and Olympic Middle School.

Katie’s hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, and listening to music. These hobbies, specially writing, often help her distract herself from the outside world. Katie has never been out of the state but she has experienced many of the beauties of Seattle such as the Space Needle. 

Katie met her grandfather when she was five and since then he had been a big influence in her life. Katie’s grandfather has been the reason why she is knowledgeable about health gadgets such as Pacemakers. Katie’s grandfather and his workshop are reasons why she is determined to become an engineer.

Katie’s experience in newspaper has helped her with her confidence. Being told as a young person that she “couldn’t have an opinion,” Newspaper class has helped her “to gain my voice back.” For Katie, being in newspaper means that “age doesn't dictate your knowledge level, or what you are passionate about.”

Katie Quick, Managing Editor

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Katie Quick