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Tiffany Sio, Staff Writer

Tiffany Sio is a senior at Auburn High School. She has been at the school for three weeks, as a new student she feels that the school is very uptight.  She feels that students are very connected with their teachers and she likes that “they all help each other."

Sio is from Western Samoa and lived all her childhood there until she was 9 and had to move to the United States.  Sio said what I most miss about my country is “the culture and all the traditions I used to do with my family.”

Sio first moved to Ocean Side, California she most enjoyed her family company.

One interesting fact about Sio is that she is really good at Math, she is currently taking pre-calculus and finds it extremely easy. At one point in her life she was a math tutor for other students. Sio speaks two languages Samoan and English which makes her bilingual.

One of Sio’s favorite sports is Basketball. It is a sport that she knows really well and how its played. Sio is also a singer and her favorite music to sing is Pacific music.

Sio’s plan after High School is to take time off from school and have a full-time job.

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Tiffany Sio