Trojan Journalism

2019-2020 Staff

Media A Al Tamimi

Staff Writer

Media’s Life  Media A Al Tamimi is a Freshman at Auburn High School she has been in Newspaper for five months. Media was born on April 5, 2005. She was born in Turkey and lived there for 9 years and moved to the U.S . ...

Dale Williams

Staff Writer

Dale Williams is a senior at Auburn High School and has been a member of the newspaper staff for a semester. Dale's hometown is Auburn, Washington. Dale has attended Jefferson Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Roosevelt Elem...

Alan Martinez

Editor in Chief

Tiffany Sio

Staff Writer

Tiffany Sio is a senior at Auburn High School. She has been at the school for three weeks, as a new student she feels that the school is very uptight.  She feels that students are very connected with their teachers and she lik...

Seleen Love

Managing Editor

Freshman Seleen Love has lived in Auburn her whole life. She, along with her sister, grew up without many kids in their neighborhood, making their sibling bond much stronger. Seleen was homeschooled for a semester before transferr...

Arianne Garduno

Staff Writer

Arianne Garduno is a sophomore student at Auburn High School who lives in Pacific, Washington. Garduno has lived in Mexico where she attended the Primaria Josefa Ortiz de Dominges elementary school.  She has also attended Fairfield...

Thomas Joseph Kaup


Thomas Kaup is the adviser for the newspaper and yearbook classes. He lives in Auburn, Washington and his hometown is Stuart, Nebraska. One of his favorite memories from Nebraska was riding in a sled while being pulled behind ...

Katie Quick

Managing Editor

Katie Quick is a sophomore student in Auburn High school and has been a member of the newspaper staff for over a year. Katie was born in Tacoma and is currently living in Auburn, Washington. Katie has moved schools frequently wh...

Alec Acosta-Vega

Editor in Chief

Alec Acosta-Vega has lived in Auburn, Washington for 12 years. As a kid he switched schools quite frequently, he attended Panther Lake Elementary, Karshner Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Gildo Rey Elementary, Olympic and Mou...

ChiChi Ude

Staff Writer

Chichi Ude is a freshman at Auburn Senior High School and has been a member of the newspaper staff for five months. Chichi's home town is Auburn, Washington. She has attended Evergreen Heights Elementary, Cascade Middle School, and now ...

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