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Review of the Disney Renaissance (Most of Them, Anyways)

Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

April 29, 2020

Ah, the Disney Renaissance. From The Little Mermaid to Tarzan, this period brought back Disney to the mainstream, taking the company from close to going bankrupt to making millions off of now beloved characters and defining childhoods. ...

Homecoming Tailgate was fun

David Marquez, Staff Writer

November 5, 2019

I think the tailgate was fun. Most of the time I was back in the kitchen with the rest of the Culinary Arts crew cooking the meat for the hamburgers.  It was a really good experience cooking for all of the students and staff. ...

John Wick 3 Review

June 17, 2019

La Llorona movie review

Melissa Cervantes

May 22, 2019

"The Curse of the Llorona" directed by Michael Chaves is categorized as a supernatural horror and mystery type.. The movie takes place in the 1970s in Los Angeles, California. Anna Tate- Garcia, a social worker and single mother...

Game of Thrones Review

Alyssa Ramsey, Staff Reporter

May 19, 2016

    Sunday April 24 was the day I had been waiting for since June last year. After almost a year with unanswered question and frustration HBO’s award winning hit series “Game of Thrones” returned to television for another season of drama, action, and...

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