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A Day in the life of a high school student During COVID 19

Katie Quick, Editor

September 26, 2020

The Corona Virus Pandemic has affected everyone, whether it involved hospital visits, or just being slightly inconvenienced; but the one thing that we all have in common is it changing the way that school works. Online classes...

Stay at home order gives a lot of time to think

Katelyn Kyrkos, Staff Writer

May 6, 2020

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, I had an ordinary life. And because the reality of this lockdown hadn’t set in yet, my first thought was, “yes! No school!” Now that I’m actually living through it and experiencing the positiv...

I’ve realized that I am lucky to have a job

Quintin Weddle, Staff Writer

April 30, 2020

I have realized throughout this quarantine that I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work. This past month I have had the opportunity to work.  I've also had the chance to see people in my family either fully lose ...

I hope that next year I am able to have a Spring sports season

Ethan Smetheram, Staff Writer

April 29, 2020

  One thing that I have learned about myself during this quarantine is how much I took school for granted. Going to school was an excuse to be able to see my friends and educate myself and discover who I am as a person. ...

Poor Habits Now, Poor Habits Later

Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

April 29, 2020

Despite all we do to keep ourselves safe, COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly, with the United States now with the most confirmed cases in the world. As much as people say they’re doing their best, are they really? The i...

After this is over, live life to the fullest

Hannah McLaughlin, Staff Writer

April 29, 2020

  One thing I have learned during this trying time is to not take anything for granted. Before all of the craziness of the CoronaVirus, I took so many things for granted. I would complain about waking up early for schoo...

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Cat Lee, Staff Writer

April 28, 2020

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Franklin D. Roosevelt.      COVID spread like the tide, a little at first, then the beach was gone.   But, fear spread like a wildfire consuming ever...

A message to the Class of 2020

Alec Acosta-Vega, Editor-In-Chief

April 28, 2020

Class of 2020, this is a message for you and your families. I am writing this because I am also a senior here at AHS and I can understand the struggles that we all face. Some of us had been looking forward to the fun events of se...

Grades do not matter, students do

Sharlene Pioquinto, Staff Writer

April 22, 2020

It has not taken long for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to obtrude our country. Almost all schools have been shut down and many will remain desolate until the beginning of the next academic year. A myriad of schools have...

How to Avoid Going Stir-Crazy

Kasidy Love, Staff Member

March 30, 2020

In order to avoid spiraling into an anxious fit, you need to become more productive with your day since the Coronavirus is keeping us locked up in our homes there are easy ways you can keep yourself entertained. For starters,...

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