Trojan Journalism

Students fill gym to get ready for Homecoming Activities

October 16, 2015

The second assembly of the year was held on Thursday, October 15, the afternoon before the football game between the Trojans and the Panthers of Bonney Lake High School. Students and staff lined up and watched a brief parade around...

New ASB leaders ready to take center stage

Cameron Tsosie

May 5, 2015

On April 21 the 2015-2016 ASB candidates read their speeches to freshmen, sophomore and junior classes in hopes of becoming the next leaders of AHS. The speeches were held in the gymnasium, junior Jamison Glenn ran unopposed for...

May Day not really for ding-dong-ditching flowers

Melanie Wakefield

April 30, 2015

An unknown protester threw a bomb into police ranks, killing one officer instantly. Enraged, police open fired into the crowd of protesters fighting in court for an eight hour work day. This isn’t the May Day usually thought...

The ‘rainy state’ prepares for drought

Mikayla Brummond

April 30, 2015

Washington state is gearing up for what may be its worst drought since 1971. With record low leveled snowpacks, Governor Jay Inslee declared a drought emergency in three of Washington’s regions, which make up about 44 percent...

“I, Zombie” infects TV screens

Samantha Huff

April 30, 2015

Imagine a flesh-eating zombie inhabiting the city of Seattle. Imagine attending a party in which the zombie is a guest, and then getting attacked by him. And worst of all, imagine getting transformed into a zombie. This was a...

Temperature anomaly found in Pacific Ocean

Ryan Ducolon

April 30, 2015

A large temperature anomaly has been found on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, stretching from the Alaskan Pacific coast to the Mexican Pacific coast. The blob stretches 1,000 miles in each direction and runs 300 feet deep...

Living with bipolar disorder: my story

Samantha Huff

April 29, 2015

Mental disorders can be a cause of great despair and strife in many peoples’ lives. It is energizing sometimes and utterly paralyzing at other times. When I was young, I knew in my heart that something was very wrong with...

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