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The history behind Valentines Day

ChiChi Ude, Staff

March 5, 2020

February 14th is a day when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts, also known as Valentines Day. The holiday of Valentine's day started in 496, the Romans had a celebration called Lupercalia and mid February t...

Door Decoration Contest

Door Decoration Contest

December 16, 2019

School enforced stricter measures to insure student safety

ChiChi Ude, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

After the incidents that happened on November 5th,  Auburn high School enforced stricter safety measures for a few days in order to emphasize the need for student safety. One of the measures that took place assured that al...

Does closed campus benefit students?

Chichi Ude, Staff

October 29, 2019

       The closed campus at Auburn High stops students from leaving school throughout the day and making sure they are kept safe. Administrators try and work hard to keep students safe. In “ Should Our Teens Be Allo...

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