New ASB leaders ready to take center stage

Cameron Tsosie

On April 21 the 2015-2016 ASB candidates read their speeches to freshmen, sophomore and junior classes in hopes of becoming the next leaders of AHS. The speeches were held in the gymnasium, junior Jamison Glenn ran unopposed for ASB Secretary, Junior Kyle Guthrie ran unopposed for ASB Treasurer, sophomore Anevay Avila ran for ASB Vice President, sophomore Grace Choe ran for ASB Vice President, junior Drew Aplin ran for ASB Vice President, junior Cole Davis ran for ASB President and junior Dani Mae Hutson ran for ASB President.

The following day, students cast their votes for who they wanted to be the leaders of AHS next year. Junior Jamison Glenn is the new ASB Secretary of AHS, junior Kyle Guthrie is the new ASB Treasurer, junior Drew Aplin was elected ASB Vice President and junior Dani Mae Hutson was elected ASB President.

Treasurer and junior Kyle Guthrie said as an ASB leader, he plans to have, “bigger, better assemblies with more hype and student involvement.”

“I will make sure we have a good relay between students and senate decisions,” in an effort to make AHS a better place, said Guthrie.

President and junior Dani Mae Hutson said that as ASB President, “spirit is the number one for me, I want to get everyone involved and have people be proud to be a Trojan.”

“I’m going to be at every school event so that no one feels unimportant. Everyone should know that what they do at AHS is important,” said Hutson.