“Blast from the past” Tolo dance fills the Commons


Melanie Wakefield

The Tolo board that brightened the 100 hallway in the weeks leading up to the dance.

Melanie Wakefield

Classic retro music led to this year’s Tolo dance breaking out into a congo line. The theme “Blast From the Past” gave students the freedom to dress in outfits ranging from the roaring 20s to the 90s: the age of rap and hip hop.

Tolo is a dance put on by the sophomores to raise funds for their senior prom.

“It’s a girl asking a guy,” said sophomore Grace Choe, explaining the concept. Choe, who was on the committee, added, “In a friendly way.”

Sophomore Taylor Sloan took advantage of the dance and asked her boyfriend Jacob Dworshak. She had a scavenger hunt relating to his baseball playing.

“On his first period desk there was a card that says, ‘Three strikes you’re out, but please don’t pout, follow these treats ‘til the end of the route.’ On every desk for all of his six periods there was a baseball that said something positive about it… a Babe Ruth or a Gatorade or something baseball related. And then, after sixth period, before his game I held a sign that said, ‘You followed these treats, it got you this far. Now go to Tolo and be my All-Star.’ There was balloons and baseball cupcakes,” said Sloan.

This was one of the various ways girls found dates to the dance.

Past themes, such as celebrity couples, hadn’t gone over as well as “Blast From the Past.”

“Since other schools were all doing the same thing we choose unique,” Choe said.

The eye-catching neon colors were not only displayed in the halls, but they also made an appearance at the dance as well.

“It was a throw back so people dressed up from the 20s to the 90s and the 80s neon was an easier one to decorate for,” said dance adviser, Mrs. Asfour. “We went to Party City… and we got streamers and some table cloths and fun kind of party favors.”

As for the turn out, approximately 75 people came.

“Tolo’s not typically a big turn out,” said Asfour.

One of the things Sloan mentioned as something that stood out to her was the amount of people there, and that she expected a bigger crowd.

The committee who put on Tolo was ultimately praised by Asfour.

“They are amazing. I heard from other adults how amazing they are. They came together and they worked well together. The decorations were amazing and their posters were really fun. I enjoyed working with these kids,” Asfour said.

She explained how they all stayed after school in February and March to make advertising posters.

To the kids who came to the party, Asfour said, “Thank you for coming, I hope you had a good time.”