Free pass for students without parking pass

Brandon Hazel

The transition of school buildings has caused a parking catastrophe.

Parking passes have been around Auburn High for many years. They are used to identify students’ cars and make it easier for officers and administrators to locate students and their vehicles.

This year, through the chaos and construction of the new school, AHS’ parking lot has been home to a variety of vehicles. Both parents of Washington Elementary School students and construction workers have used this space for their parking pleasures.

Officers Herrera and Dotson in the past have patrolled the parking lot everyday between first and third period, but this year has been an exception. With the transition to the new school, Officer Herrera said, “It has been hard to give tickets to anyone this year because we haven’t restricted the lot to students only.”

Furthering Officer Herrera’s point, Officer Dotson then said, “Angelo and I still make our daily rounds. Parking passes are just easier to identify students.”

Students at Auburn are curious as to what advantages come out of the purchase of a parking pass, and where their money is going. Senior Jacob Minten believes he paid “$15 for nothing, I feel like I wasted a Starbucks run.”

Principal Richard Zimmerman said, “The move to the new building has left a lot on everyone’s plate. The money goes straight to a general fund for the administration and there are no plans on refunding students this year, but free, safe, and monitored parking will be provided next year in our new lot!”