SAT testing: an experience to remember

Brandon Hazel

For college bound students, four hours of testing is vital to one’s education

A test that decides the future for students, a test that challenges the highest intellect with three harsh categories, a test that will be significant in choosing which college one gets into. Yes, this overarching test is the SAT.

The SAT was established in 1926 and has been used for college admissions ever since. The test consists of four reading, two math and two writing sections for a grand total of 10 sections. The test is graded on a 2400 point scale and takes three hours and 45 minutes to complete.

According to the Princeton Review, the national average SAT score is 1500 and when a student achieves this score, they are very likely to get into a university or college. Although this test is not required to graduate from high school, it is essential for applying to college.

The SAT is a test that is dreaded by most high school students. Although the length and difficulty of the test gives many a headache, the benefits are insurmountable. Most colleges either look at the SAT or ACT depending on admission policies.

Taking the test was actually a pleasant experience for me that I believe all college bound students should have. Although very stressful, the benefits of taking this test are extremely beneficial for the future. This test teaches responsibility, time management and gives students an opportunity to get colleges to notice them.

It’s recommended for students to take the SAT at least twice before the end of their junior year. This way, students will gain experience and be better prepared for future tests.

The extraordinary thing about the SAT is that students can take it as many times as they want. The sections are all separate and students may keep their highest score this is known as the super score.

The test is meant to challenge students in all works of intelligence

I have taken the SAT once and believe that taking it benefited me greatly. Now, I know what to expect and how to manage my time for future tests. I took mine in March at Green River Community College. There are an abundance of local tests throughout the year that can be found on the College Board website.

Having taken this test early in my junior year, it gave me loads of experience and has prepared me for the future. Colleges now can look at my test scores along with other extracurricular activities which are vital to college admissions.

The SAT although long and difficult, could really help students get into colleges. It is something that decides the futures for most students, and chose which school they’ll get into. So I believe you can’t just sit and wait around. Get active and take the SAT.