Spanish teacher brings new level of expertise to journalism instruction


Brian Keller

An image of Troy Field at Memorial Stadium taken before a fall football game. The image was taken on the roof of the old high school using the new equipment.

Journalism teacher Mr. Thomas Kaup faced a dilemma a few years ago. “My physical limitations were keeping me from attending school events to supervise and instruct journalism photographers.”  Kaup was able to recruit Spanish teacher Brian Keller who operates his own photography studio to organize the instruction of photography for journalism students. Former student Alan Munoz, who received a Superior rating at the Journalism Education Association national convention in San Francisco, was the catalyst to search for someone who could continue “the high caliber of photography” for the growing journalism program.  Munoz’ Superior rating was the first from Auburn High School for over twenty years.

The journalism program was able to purchase new equipment, update and repair older equipment, and begin to raise the level of student excellence in photography.  “There is absolutely no replacement for the excellent instruction students can receive while photographing an actual game, concert, or play,” added Kaup.  “Learning by doing, with an expert right on hand, has brought our program to a new level of excellence,” said Kaup.  The student Editors in Chief and Kaup recently presented a session at the national journalism convention in Washington, D.C. about Keller’s work with the Trojan Journalism program.

Future goals for the photography component of the journalism program include setting up a fully functional studio with lighting and backdrops.  Students will be able to learn how to take portraits and manage photographs as a professional photographer would do.  “Thanks to Brian Keller,” said Kaup, “journalism students will leave AHS with real-world skills that they can immediately put in practice.” The Trojan Journalism program is a component of the CTE department at AHS.

Below is a gallery of some of Keller’s work with Trojan Journalism photography.