Construction Continues on Campus


Brian Keller

A bulldozer digs in the area next to the PAC where the second addition of the campus is being created.

Mikayla Brummond, Staff Reporter


Construction crews are working hard on Phase 2 of the construction of Auburn High School’s new campus. Lydig Construction is currently building the new gymnasium, music rooms, and drama department, as well as completely remodeling the Automotive building and the PAC (Performing Arts Center). This portion of the school is due to be opened in August of 2015. So far the majority of the old campus has been demolished and construction on the main campus has been finished. The new campus will feature many improvements over the remaining part of the building called the North Campus such as: more energy efficiency, better sound equipment in the PAC, as well as a parking lot more than twice the size of the old one. In Phase 1 of construction the school also gained a new, better equipped kitchen. The third and final phase of construction is estimated to finish in July of 2016 with the  addition of synthetic turf baseball and softball fields as well as a new tennis court.