Students unwind with music and other activities

Adam Sanders, Troy InVoice Reporter

Happiness can be as hard to define as any other word in the dictionary. Many people seek happiness outside of their daily routine. Students are involved in activities outside of school

There are hundreds of different options for the activities that take place every day, all the way from skateboarding, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, playing with remote controlled cars to even community service.

However, some students find enjoyment in time-honored traditions like playing musical instruments.

Senior Kate Reckamp enjoys music with a family member, “I play guitar with my dad,” said Reckamp. Some people only do these activities when they have nothing else to do, or if they are really bored, but they can also be “a great way to exercise” said Reckamp. Music is Reckamp’s default activity, it “is my go to activity when I have nothing else to do.” She said. Senior Rahma Mohamed also uses music during her time away from school, listening to “R&B, soul, and old school hip-hop.” Some of Mohamed’s favorite artists are, “Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, and Tupac.

Another reason students choose an activity is to escape the struggle of life. Sophomore Zack Prindle chooses activities that “distract me from the real world and the troubles of life.” Prindle is a student among many others who choose X-Box to be his activity of choice. For many students gaming can be a way of life. Some want to be a video game designer or just use games to relieve stress.

Whatever the activity one chooses it is clear that doing things one enjoys certainly leads to happiness in life for many people.