Happiness found in activities

Ryan Ducolon, Troy InVoice Reporter

Happiness can sometimes be found right after school. Students who are involved in after school activities have an array of opportunities, to mingle with their peers, available to them. The people who are involved in after school activities spend more of their time working on something relating to said activity, leaving these students less time to spend at home during the days which they have meetings. Those who are not involved in an activity after school, while they have more time to do whatever it is that they may want to do during their time at home, do not have as much time to work and spend time with their peers.

The Robotics Club is one of the many clubs available at AHS; it is a club which focuses mainly on the creation and programming of robots. Freshman Thomas Bayron is one of the students here at AHS who is involved in the robotics club program. Bayron joined the robotics club because “I thought that it would be fun.”

The Robotics Club meets every Thursday after school in room 500 until 4:00 P.M., though during what is referred to as the “build season” the Robotics Club meets every day after school until they are finished building, and will occasionally meet on Saturdays. Sponsors Mr. Chris Zawislak, Mrs. Jan Erie, and Mr. Ron Cughan have taken the clubs to many competitions and have established the program as a well recognized and respected program.

Sophomore Sakaria Jama wishes that he could participate in basketball, unfortunately, due to his having “religious school,” while he is happy that he is able to “learn more about my religion at this school” is not given enough time to participate in basketball.

Jama is “not happy with” being unable to participate in basketball. Junior Timothy Courser has been “involved in an after-school activity” but is unhappy he in not currently involved in the activity which he wants to participate in, “If I had the chance, I would participate in drama.” Courser commented, not pleased that he will not be able to perform in drama at this time.

Students who do not participate in after school activities are giving themselves less time to socialize on a frequent basis compared to those students who do participate in said activities. They may be missing out on a very close and simple way to find a little happiness right here in the halls of AHS.