Some student athletes score high stress levels

Cameron Tsosie, Troy InVoice Reporter

Some athletes are stressed out not only on the field but in other aspects of their lives, such as in the classroom or at home. This anxiety could be contributed to their athletic activity.

Senior Diego Arias claims his grades don’t suffer during sports seasons, “They actually tend to be better because if they are not you won’t be able to play.” Arias competes in football and throws shot put and discus in track and field.

Sophomore Jonah Aumua Uiagalelei agrees with Arias and doesn’t let the stress of sports interfere with his academic performance, “My grades do not drop because failure  is not an option in my book.” Aumua Uiagalelei participates in football and also throws shot put and discus in track and field.

Adversely, junior Lisa Kamaunu said her grades do get damaged during sports,“I get home late and there is no time for homework.” Kamaunu competes in volleyball, womens basketball, and ends with fastpitch. However, she does make up the missing work before and after school, said Kamaunu.

Aumua Uiagalelei also said his social life isn’t really affected by football because, “All of my friends are in the same sport.” He adds, “But I do not get to spend as much time as I want to with my family, because… of my practice getting over late.”

Likewise Kamaunu, implies her social life is affected very minimally because, “I have my teammates and they are all like my sister’s and we all have a tight bond.”

Senior Arias disagrees about the effect of sports on his social life. “During a specific sport your time gets consumed quickly by it,” said Arias.

According to Mrs. Skeel in the Activities Office, as of December 4th, there were 1547 students at Auburn High School, and 463 of those students are student athletes. That means  about 30 percent of students played sports. Countless hours of practice, and few hours on game day, leading up to numerous game days, may stress out student athletes. The amount of time athletes put into their respective sports takes many hours out of their allotted time for  homework and may ultimately make a student struggle in school.