Students go under the hood in Auto Shop

Joe Lamusga, Troy InVoice Reporter

Automotive Technology: one of those mysterious classes that only a few Auburn High School students know about. And hardly anybody knows what the program is about, or what happens under the hood.

As the Auto Shop teacher Mr. Donaldson sees it, a lot of interaction and friend making occurs in class. There’s a lot of friendly interaction, in addition to learning to be independent.

A survey showed, 98% of students in the Automotive/Small Gas Engines classes enjoy being a part of the program and 96% of those students would recommend the classes to another student.

Mr. Donaldson commented that he enjoyed teaching Auto Shop and said, “I like teaching Auto for the opportunity to teach employability skills, life skills, and success as an employee.”

There is a variety of vehicles that come into the shop with many different problems, staff and students of the district often bring their cars in for routine maintenance. The most common jobs that occur in the shop are basic oil changes and inspections.

“Back in the day, we would do more high performance and race car type stuff. I’ve had motor homes, boats, and tractors come in for jobs,” Mr. Donaldson said.

Knowing what takes place in the shop, it’s been wondered what happens inside their classroom.

Mr. Donaldson sees students learning to research, review, and work towards applying what they’ve learned, to jobs in the shop. The main point of the class is to diagnose, research, understand, and apply. In addition to working your way up the ranks in the automotive field and being able to leave school and become a technician.

“As an entry-level technician, you could be in the grease rack or wash bay to start with. As an intern for the AutoYES Program, you get paired with a mentor and work through the different areas of repair.  Areas such as steering and suspension, electrical, brakes, and engine repair,” said Mr. Donaldson.