Eight students to meet monthly with principal

Stephanie Masterman, Troy InVoice Reporter

Eight Auburn High School students have been rounded up to create Auburn’s very own Student Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC is here to be the voice of the AHS student body. Seniors Jam Pacis and Chloe Williams; juniors Alec Dewing and Justina Brown; sophomores Bobbi Hansen and Halleluiah Tiauli; and freshmen McKenna Henry and Gavin Strojan are here to support all AHS students.

Each month the SAC and their advisor Mrs. Nuka Nurzhanov get together to meet with the man himself, Mr. Zimmerman. Students are now able to voice needs that may not be adequately recognized. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between the average student and the administration,” said Dewing, SAC President. “Mr. Zimmerman is really receptive and understanding of what we have to say,” he added. Students can be comforted by the fact that even with frantically busy schedules and relentless construction arrangements, Auburn High’s principal is still making time to listen to his students.

SAC member Williams agreed that, “it is pretty important that students feel they can come to us.” And when an issue is brought to the SAC, Williams declares that, “we are actually going to do something about it.”

Sometimes it may be difficult for an adult to understand the struggle of a high school student. The SAC wants more than just an open ear from the administration, but a promise to get problems resolved. The SAC is not just trying to inform the administration of issues throughout the school, they are seeking to mend these issues and continue to help cultivate the welcoming environment for all students.

“If there is a continuous problem not being dealt with, we will continue to bring it up,” said Hansen, SAC Vice President. In essence, the SAC will not take “no” for an answer if an issue remains unresolved. One of the first issues to be presented by the SAC is standardized grading.

At Auburn High School, homework and daily work counts for 20% of the course grade, while tests and assessments count for 80% of a grade. Standardized grading means that all teachers in the school will follow the same grading scale. Some students are having trouble understanding the significance of doing homework when the class can be passed with a B without turning in homework, as long as all tests and assessments are passed. This is becoming a major issue for some AHS students, which is why the issue will be on the SAC’s agenda for a while longer.

Although many students can agree that standardized teaching/learning is a system that needs more work, Principal Zimmerman’s response was that, “Standards-based is bigger than just AHS. It is a district initiative.”

It is possible that there will be issues at Auburn High School that may not be able to be resolved by Mr. Zimmerman and his administration in a satisfactory or ideal manner. In this case, the SAC, students of Auburn High, and their families are welcome, if not encouraged, to take their disputes to the district office located across the street at the James P. Fugate Administration Building. “Anybody at anytime can go to the district, that’s never not been an option,” said Zimmerman.

Eight students determined to change AHS by meeting with Mr. Zimmerman once a month to discuss school activities and problems.
Eight students determined to change AHS by meeting with Mr. Zimmerman once a month to discuss school activities and problems.

The Student Advisory Council is here to support the students of Auburn High School. “Making a connection between students and the administration is crucial; that’s our job and that is what we want to accomplish. So if you see a SAC member in the halls, don’t hesitate to let them know what’s up!” said Dewing.