Girls water polo team bonded last season

Cameron Tsosie, Troy InVoice Reporter

According to Wikipedia, “Water polo is a team water sport. The game consists of four quarters or periods in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into their opposition’s goal. A team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper in the water at any one time.” The Lady Trojans team started their campaign toward victory on Saturday, March 15 when they competed in a jamboree at Rodgers High School at 4 P.M., as of Friday, April 25 the ladies were 3-10.
Freshman Leila Lewis, a water polo athlete, said, “My favorite thing about this sport has to be that it is a contact sport and I get to swim.” Lewis said her favorite position is anywhere her coach tells her to play. Lewis feels that the position hole set, an offensive position, is the most important position in the water because, “they make the goals and they are generally the best or one of the best on the team.” At the time, Lewis felt that the team would probably not make it to post season this year because they are a young team.
Junior Brenna Tinsley said her favorite thing about this sport is, “Being with the team, because even if we lose we are still a family.” Tinsley added that her favorite position to play is also hole set because “you score the most points on the team, everyone relies on you and it gives me a challenge and makes me work harder.” Tinsley added that, “hole set is one of the most important, all though all the positions are needed to play in a game.” Tinsley felt that the team could still make it to post season if they can pull through and beat Sumner High School twice.
Senior Mattie Knott said, “My favorite thing about this sport is that the team bonded well and it’s a good environment to be around, I think it’s a ton of fun.” Knott added that her favorite position to play is wing or flat (wings are the two players in line with the set man) because “I’m a swimmer and I’m on the swim team so those positions have a lot more fast breaks and sprinting.” Knott however, disagreed with her teammates, believing the most important position to be the goalie because “the goalie is the one telling the team where to g

Senior Mattie eludes her opponent, who is covering her, and attempts to score a goal.
Senior Mattie eludes her opponent, who is covering her, and attempts to score
a goal.

o, and what to do, and finally keep the team in check.” Knott had high hopes for their post season, “we can definitely go to post season because our league is a lot smaller this year and if we pushed ourselves we could make it to post season.”
The girls water polo team did not make it to the playoffs but they did bond together. At their senior awards night the girls were overcome with emotion realizing how much they would miss their trojan teammates next spring.