Pre-sequel to Borderlands

Cisco Hernandez, Troy InVoice Reporter

Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, the next in the Borderlands series, by gearbox software, the latest installment of the series will take place after Borderlands but before Borderlands 2.The location of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel takes place on the moon of Pandora. There are new characters for the player to choose from such as Athena from Borderlands; (Wilhelm from Borderlands 2); Nisha the Law Bringer from Borderlands 2; and Claptrap from Borderlands 1 and 2. The story of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will be about how handsome Jack, the main antagonist from Borderlands 2, was a protagonist trying to take control of the Hyperion Corporation but became corrupt. The Hyperion Corporation is a gun manufacturer and looks for rare materials. The player will play the role of a hired mercenary sent to clear out the moon base from savages and bandits.

A new feature to the Borderlands universe is a new elemental weapon that can use the power of ice to freeze enemies. Another addition to the game is a new weapon type that can fire lazers instead of normal bullets. Since Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel takes place on the moon there is low gravity, when the player jumps they will stay in the air longer. The player will have an oxygen pack so they can breathe on the surface of the moon. The oxygen pack, if used carefully, can also be used as a jetpack. When a player uses the jetpack function the player can do a ground pound to stun nearby enemies.

The weapon manufacturers in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will be Dahl, Hyperion, Bandit, Jakobs, Tediore, Maliwan and Torgue. The Dahl Corporation makes burst fire weapons that fire about three bullets per fire; The Hyperion Corporation makes weapons that have increased accuracy when fired multiple times; Bandit weapons have large magazine sizes; Jakobs weapons have a wood stock on all guns with high amount of damage; Tediore weapons have a quick reloading rate, since the player throws them to explode and respawn in the players hand full of ammo; Maliwan weapons are specialized in elemental damage like fire, acid, electricity, and slag (an element that make the enemy or who ever hit by it very weak); and Torgue whose weapons have a heavy amount of damage, but with massive recoil, and fire gyro jet bullets which are small rocket like bullets.

Borderlands: the pre-sequel will be released sometime this year. No specific dates have been set.