AHSConfessions Twitter page confesses all

Students at Auburn High have been blasting other people’s business on the new Twitter confession page, AHSconfessions, @atown_youknow. There have been both negative and positive thoughts and actions on this page. Now the talk around school is followers trying to decipher who the person behind the screen is and why they are posting negative information about other students. People are even questioning why this seemingly anonymous person made the page. There are an abundance of different questions, but there are also many different answers.

Sophomore Olivia Henry said, “I feel like all the confession page has done is bring peop

Senior Dylan Kludsikofsky; juniors Adam Sanders, Caytlanne Morey, Breanna Jones; senior Joe Lamusga on their phones during 3rd period.
Senior Dylan Kludsikofsky; juniors Adam Sanders, Caytlanne Morey, Breanna Jones; senior Joe Lamusga on their phones during 3rd period.

le down and cause more drama than there should be.” The confession page did have some negative input on other people. Henry also felt, “that some of the confessions that are sent in are to give certain people positive or negative attention when some of them aren’t even true.” It seems that people have sent in these tweets to hurt others and/or to stir up conflict to make themselves feel better.

Plenty of students would like to make changes to the confession page or would like it taken down altogether. Senior Rio Paul would like to get rid of “rumors, harassment, and stalkers making up lies. #Subtweet.” Some students wish that there was no names used, that people wouldn’t make up lies, and that confessions sent in were not anonymous.

Freshman Kylee Whehmer believes something different. She simply said, “Just delete it,” referring to taking the page down completely. Many students think this page is funny and humorous while others think it is pointless. Paul also stated, “Some things on this page humor me but I feel like it’s not a necessary page.” The 140 character tweets that are said on this page could cause depression and thoughts of suicide. According to Robin Blackwood on Spartanspectrum.standwood.wednet.edu, “Suffering shouldn’t be the butt of a joke. Someone’s pain and victimization shouldn’t make you smile. A victim often will feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, exposed, humiliated, dissatisfied with who they are, angry, vengeful, disinterested with life and school, alone, isolated, ill, and/or suicidal.” If a negative confession is posted, students tend to comment on it and add negative things to the original tweet. Blackwood believes “these students experience anxiety, depression, and fear just like any other victim of bullying. No matter what form of bullying you take (verbal, social, physical, cyber) it still causes significant emotional and psychological distress.”

These tweets affected a variety of different people, including the person who made the page. Creator Jazmine Kushin, freshman, said, “Yes, it made me look at people different by what they said about people… sometimes even their ‘friends.’” This page has made that one person know many secrets about dozens of students around the school. Kushin, commented on the confession page and said, “I made this page to find out what was all going on at AHS and what everyone had to say.” A number of students would love to know what’s going on in different cliques and hear all the juicy gossip they have to tell. The Twitter page has been taken down. The reason for this is that it got too popular. Kushin wished she could have changed one thing about the page and said I would “get more people to help out with the page, it’s hard to keep up due to how popular it got.”

This page became popular due to the supposedly juicy secrets that were sent in and posted. Students have sent in confessions about themselves as well. Shockingly, even the creator sent in one about herself. This confession page has led some students to think of who these certain tweets are about while it has lead some students knowing exactly who they are about.