A Day in the life of a high school student During COVID 19

Katie Quick, Editor

The Corona Virus Pandemic has affected everyone, whether it involved hospital visits, or just being slightly inconvenienced; but the one thing that we all have in common is it changing the way that school works.

Online classes can be a struggle for everyone, no matter how much you excel in school. Sitting in front of a computer all day and not getting much supersize can lead to students being tired and not focusing. I can’t focus if I’m staring at a screen all day and I need to interact with people.

We use Google Meet as an attempt to have some normality in our confusing lives, but it doesn’t always work the way the schools want it to. We’re not as connected as we would like to be. We can only hope that we don’t lose focus in our classes.

As an AP Student, I know how important it is to be able to focus on your classes, and stay caught up. Distance learning has made this difficult on everyone, especially extroverted people who reflect the energy put out towards them. For many of my teachers, the energy they have is dependent on the amount of energy in the class, so when they aren’t connected with the class, it leads to them having less energy.

As well as this, the schedule can make learning difficult. Student’s have all of their AP classes in the first quarter, which is making it stressful for students who have more than one AP class. We have to learn a semester of context in a quarter, which will make this more rushed than AP already is. The big gap between first semester and second semester of AP work will lead to students missing things and possibly forgetting.

In my opinion, distant learning is going to cause a lot of issues. The teachers are doing the best they can to keep students engaged and help them continue to learn, but we will never be as engaged through a computer as we are in a classroom.