Online school is the new reality

Online school is the new reality

Thomas Joseph Kaup, Adviser

The first day of school was like no other in the history of Auburn High School.  This school has operated since 1906 and has never been completely online.  That was all changed by COVID 19.

Below are the thoughts of Adam Olsen, a senior student at AHS and a member of the newspaper staff:

In the U.S, there are over 190k total deaths related to COVID-19, and 2,069 of those total deaths happen to be Washington state, so having the risks of COVID-19 school is more challenging than ever. These risks vary between the lowest-highest. The lowest being online schooling and teaching and the highest being a person to person interactions and having crowded classes and halls with minimal cleanup and protection. Even though there are many risks in opening the schools, it sounds like a great idea to students and teachers. Many of those individuals who have underlying medical health conditions consider it a health risk they are unwilling to return due to those concerns. Those who decide school issues have decided that Online teaching and learning is the best option due to the  many risks and deaths involving COVID-19.  What do you think?

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