I’ve realized that I am lucky to have a job

Quintin Weddle, Staff Writer

I have realized throughout this quarantine that I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work.

This past month I have had the opportunity to work.  I’ve also had the chance to see people in my family either fully lose their job or lose it temporarily, due to the drawback of dine in food. 

Within the past month, I’ve seen countless dine in restaurants and all fast food dine- in options close down and those stores are going to be cutting staff to cope with the loss in income.

 From another standpoint, I have had the chance to continue to work through quarantine and my store has been twice as busy. The shutdown of dine-in and other things have led to my business and possibly others even seeing an increase in business. 

To put everything into more simpler  words, this quarantine could either be very painful and troubling to some, or it could be a good thing for others.  

It all depends on if they don’t have to lose their job or possibly even get more money/hours.

So, I consider myself very lucky to be able to continue to work through this crisis.