After this is over, live life to the fullest

Hannah McLaughlin, Staff Writer


One thing I have learned during this trying time is to not take anything for granted. Before all of the craziness of the CoronaVirus, I took so many things for granted. I would complain about waking up early for school and staying late for water polo practice, but now all I want to do is be able to go to school, and to stay as late as possible in the water.

Everyone’s lives have drastically changed in just a few short weeks, we now go to the grocery store for social outings, we talk to our friends and family on screens and are grateful for it. 

One of the things that I took for granted was getting to go to school. I never realized how much I enjoyed and loved school until I was no longer able to go. It’s so odd having classes online and not in the classroom, it’s weird being able to have school from my bed in my pajamas. I actually miss getting up early, doing my hair and make up, getting dressed and driving to school everyday. I will never have another opportunity to go to physical classes at Auburn High School, but I will try my hardest to appreciate every class that I get to take in my college years. 

Another thing that I took for granted was physical touch. Before the COVID-19 outbreak handshakes, hugs, and high fives were all completely normal. Now I cannot recall the last time that I gave a handshake, or got a hug from someone other than my mom. I never realized how important physical touch was to me until I could no longer have it. I will now treasure every hug or high five that I receive, I will try my best to no longer take any physical touch for granted. 

All in all, the virus has taken so much away from everyone, and taught us all how quickly life can change. I have learned to appreciate all aspects of life through this experience and will try to live my life to the fullest moving forward.