Poor Habits Now, Poor Habits Later

Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

Despite all we do to keep ourselves safe, COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly, with the United States now with the most confirmed cases in the world. As much as people say they’re doing their best, are they really?

The idea of a ‘Stay At Home Order’ is simple, really. It’s right there in the title. When it first got announced, I was not surprised in the slightest. It made sense to close down anything that was not essential to live. You can still pray at home, you can order your comics online, and you can deal without Starbucks during the weekends. It is just a new way of life, but are people adapting as they need to?

Personally, it was hard at first. My mother and I would go out every morning to Dutch Bros in Fife just to get out of the house. We even took the day to drive to Ocean Shores and back without leaving the car. But, we’ve slowed it down. We bake for our friends, though only ones who live in one of two households. We drop it off on their porch, ring the doorbell, and wave goodbye from the car. Maybe a trip to the Post Office or Fred Meyer every once in a while, but that’s it.

Sadly, there seems to be other people who are not handling it as well. A pastor in Florida refused to close down at first, saying that he was not a “pansy.” The local comic book shop I go to for my comics received backlash from patrons for closing. How are they even expecting their books if the publishers closed down to save lives?

The changes in the world around us has made people panic. With everything closing for short times and fear of eviction, despite the shut down on such actions, people are panicking. Panic does nothing but make people realize that they can’t control everything. Something that every human wants to have is control: toilet paper, tissues, groceries. Hoarding has grown, the shelves have emptied, and others are left to go to friends and buy toilet paper, tissues, among other things. And, by the predictions I read, the lock down will last long enough to make this a habit. Of course, TLC will make money off of these people, but when is it too much?

So, the best thing to do right now is be prepared, but leave for others. Selflessness is saving lives. You can go without your daily double shot mocha caramel frappuccino. Not only will it save other people, but also save your body.