A message to the Class of 2020

Alec Acosta-Vega, Editor-In-Chief

Class of 2020, this is a message for you and your families. I am writing this because I am also a senior here at AHS and I can understand the struggles that we all face. Some of us had been looking forward to the fun events of senior year: Senior Breakfast, College Signing Day, etc. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came into the scene and has prevented our class from being a part of a many year tradition. I am not a four year varsity athlete, but one person has taught me that it is ok to be different than everyone else. I did not believe that it was possible. Some students think that we can blame COVID-19 , or Inslee, or someone else. Sometimes there is tension between different programs; but a wise man once said, “There can be no bad blood between those who have experienced the same pain.”

I do not see different groups.

We all have been hurt by this virus.

There are no actors, no athletes, no nerds, no musicians and no CTE. Now there are only:

Students.  Scared, confused, alone in our houses.

We are all Trojans. We are all people. I know that all of us have lost something to this virus. Some our last season in sports, our last performance. Maybe someone or something that was close to you; but know that when we leave, we will be leaving behind a legacy that we have created to inspire the next generation of students. A chapter in our lives that we can close at the end of this year. We are all in this together. 

This virus has hurt all of us, seniors and families in some way or another. I know that from my own life. I lost the second year of my newspaper program as the editor-in-chief. I was unable to compete in my final season as a First Robotics drive coach. My dream was to compete on the world competition field as a drive coach. 

Many of you have futures ahead of you. Some of you are athletes, some of you are born to be on stage. You all have made an impact in your lives, your families, and your school. When we receive our diploma, this is our chance to show everyone what we are truly capable of. This virus will not stop us. We are all in this together.