How to Avoid Going Stir-Crazy

Kasidy Love, Staff Member

In order to avoid spiraling into an anxious fit, you need to become more productive with your day since the Coronavirus is keeping us locked up in our homes there are easy ways you can keep yourself entertained.

For starters, you can start to set personal, social or school-related goals each day. Personal goals could be watching a twenty-min art tutorial to setting time aside for a two-hour power nap. During this time a great way to stay occupied is social. We all have this little gadget called a phone, so call up a friend you have not talked to in months. Try FaceTiming or Skyping one of your friends and try to play a game of Uno through the phone. School-related goals could be focused on completing late work or checking Skyward once a day. The importance of setting daily goals is they inspire you to do something with your day and give you a sense of accomplishment when completed.

Do you need inspiration to actually do something with your day, we have thirty days until we are back at school so pick something off of this list to do each day. You can do something more than once if you want to.

  1. Workout – Go for a run around the outside of your house or simply look up a YouTube video of a five-minute workout.
  2. Clean #1 – I know part of everyone’s closet is a nightmare, so now is the perfect time to reorganize your closet.
  3. Clean #2 – You have no excuse to tell your parents…the time has come that you must clean your room completely.
  4. Clean #3 – Help your parents clean out your garage, we did that at my house and now my dad likes his garage a lot more because he has way more space.
  5. Decorate – Maybe a wall in your room is looking a little dull, try hanging up some pictures on it.
  6. Paint #1 – Have you been living in a room that you despise the color of now you have no excuse to buy paint off of Amazon and change the color of your room.
  7. Paint #2 – Learn how to paint there are easy acrylic and watercolor videos to learn from.
  8. Paint #3 – Paint a rock, so when we get out of the quarantine you can start spreading kindness because everyone is going to need a little extra support coming back for the rest of the school year.
  9. Paint #4 – Learn how to facepaint, it is a lot of fun and you can buy it super cheap off of Walmart or Amazon.
  10. Write #1 – Make a daily journal entry about your experience each day during this quarantine, we are apart of history right now. You never know one day you might be like Greg Heffley.
  11. Write #2 – Write a song, make a parody. I made a parody of the Phineas and Ferb theme song and it is hilarious.
  12. Write #3 – Now is the time be to rid yourself of your ugly cursive writing, try practicing cursive so your writing can look nice.
  13. Bake – Literally anything at my house we have been making cookies and brownies. There is nothing that can lighten the mood more than a freshly baked sugar cookie.
  14. Cook – Cook with your family, make something like chicken burritos.
  15. Draw – With all of the time we have you could become a drawing master by end of this, there are so many websites and videos to watch, you could learn how to draw your favorite anime characters.
  16. Vlog – Make a daily video of your family’s life during the quarantine, you do not need to post it anywhere but it would just be something interesting to look back on.
  17. Scholarship – For seniors right now is the perfect time to dig up scholarships so that you can get more money for college.
  18. YouTube #1 – Tryout a YouTube challenge and see what happens when you try the chubby bunny challenge.
  19. YouTube #2 – Are you one of those people that always contemplates making a YouTube channel. Well now is the perfect time to try it out.
  20. YouTube #3 – Create a funny playlist of videos for you and your friends to enjoy when you can hang out again.
  21. Read – It could be a book, manga, magazine, etc. Reading can obliterate hours of boredom. You can even download books online to read.
  22. Dance – Turn on some music and pump up the jams. One your room is clean literally just turn on some music on your phone and dance like crazy, maybe you could even wrangle your mom into dancing a little.
  23. Hair – Look up some videos on how to style your hair, it’s an easy way to occupy time and when you come back to school you will have the best hair around.
  24. School – Just check google classroom and skyward daily for all of your teachers so you can stay up to date on things.
  25. Board Game #1 – Have a family board game night at your house, you are stuck with them so might as well make the best out of a bad situation.
  26. Board Game #2 –  Create your own board game, I am currently working on my own card game and after making each of the cards I feel so accomplished.
  27. FaceTime/Skype – Play a game of Uno through the phone, the only difference from normal Uno is there will be two stacks of cards.
  28. Relax – Lookup a meditation track or a yoga workout or just take some time to chill out on your bed.
  29. Photography – Work on your picture editing skills or just work on trying to take a decent picture. Phones have so many different settings on them so try to experiment.
  30. Origami – Try learning how to fold paper and make it look really cool, I know how to make a frog and a dragon. But there are so many cool ways to fold paper just look up a video.