Is Social Distancing Really Happening?


Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spreading like mad, are people really following the guidelines to stay indoors?

The day of Governor Jay Inslee’s address to the state to stay indoors, my mother and I took a road trip down to Ocean Shores. We got there, looked at the beach from within the car, and left. Simple as that. I even left my shoes at home. But, while out of the house, we noticed we were not the only ones who were.

The beach was not packed, but still had various cars. Most, as I could observe, were parked and inside just as we were. Others, such as one family, were outside and flying kites as if nothing was wrong in the world. Another, a family who was in their car, tossed bread to the seagulls through the window before driving away. It was a good laugh to see the birds riding the car or following it.

On three occasions, we stopped for food. The first was McDonald’s, which was business as usual with gloves. My mother got me a happy meal. Burger King was also using gloves, but were using clean boxes for lettuce to hold out for credit cards and food. This limited the contact to as minimal as possible. Meanwhile, our last stop, Jack in the Box for my father, used no protection at all! No gloves, no boxes, nothing. I was scared my dad would get sick.

The roads were not abandoned. There were still plenty of drivers, but I do have to say that it was the clearest I had ever seen I-5. I almost cried at the sight. Traffic was minimal all the way there and back unlike the last time I went to Ocean Shores, July of last year.

So, the question is: Are people really listening to the warnings? Yes and no. There are still people out and about, but are trying their best to stay in their cars.