“Grease” Does Well, But is Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

“Grease” is the word as closing week for the school musical looms over us. With t-shirts, posters, and announcements, attention has been put on the Auburn High School Theatre Department: Troupe 17, led by Dave Cox and unofficially referred to as the Drama Club. Since Cox’s arrival in the fall of 2018, “Grease” has had the largest attendance, and there were only three performances.

Preparing for a musical does not happen overnight, though. The cast auditioned back in December a week before Winter Break. Every day, as others went home, actors and technicians stayed after school late into the night to memorize lines, blocking, and cues. With a crew of nine and a cast of thirty-four, “Grease” has already gained massive rave from staff members and students. Mr. Gardner, AHS principle, attended the show opening night, and praised Director Dave Cox for his work. “In education (in general) we talk a lot about diversity, equity, and inclusion, because it matters. Sometimes we even figure out what that looks like and then take steps to achieve progress towards this. AHS Troupe 17, under your guidance and direction in preparation of Grease in my opinion, hit a home run for diversity, inclusivity, and equity.”

Students who have Cox’s classes, such as Acting and Technical Theatre, have also helped with the production, yet go unnoticed. Technical Theatre has worked non-stop since the beginning of the semester to help with the construction of the show, as well as the opportunities to help every Saturday leading up until opening night. As well as that, Cox has offered extra credit for those in the show and in his classes, as well as those who bring back a program after seeing the show.

As well as treasuring the classic movie, the program also moved to change the tone of things. A lot of controversy that surrounds the original story is focused in on sexism, and the need to change to love someone. Instead, the program focused on understanding others, not changing yourself to fit another person’s image. A scene was added where two male actors hold hands before running off stage after the dance scene.

This is not the end of the year for the theatre program. Not only is it Theater In Our Schools Month (March), but also already time for the third show of the year: “Almost, Maine.” This play focuses on the love and appreciation for others.

Mr. Gardner ends his email with a message to let the students involved of his appreciation of the show.

Performances for Grease have been cancelled for the second weekend, sadly, due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Their last performance was in-school on Thursday, March 12.