Some thoughts about how students can deal with the crisis

Katie Quick, Managing editors

Concerns about the coronavirus has caused governor Jay Inslee to say that schools in the King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are closed until April 24th. We are supposed to bring all of our stuff home, and teachers are still waiting to find out what the expectations for this time.

There is a possibility of it messing with student’s education, especially for AP student’s. Mr. Isham said, “It depends on the student. Many students can work on their own with little guidance, but others need to be continually pushed.” Student’s need to keep in contact with their teachers, and do their best to keep up with the work that is provided, if they have any. Teachers will be able to contact us in a variety of ways, including emailing us.

Teachers are not the only ones worried about it affecting our education, Sophomore William Olson said, “However, without a plan for missed time and with no clear end in sight, I am afraid my education could be put on hold.” We have to trust our teachers, and keep in contact with them so that we can know what is going on. Teachers will be having a staff meeting on Tuesday to find out how this is supposed to work. More information will be provided as the teachers receive it. Be patient, and work with your teachers to keep up with what you need to do.