SuperBowl was a classic clash of the Titans

Dale Williams, Staff Writer

Super Bowl 54 was a classic Clash of the Titans match. The stacked, talent filled 49ers against the legendary Patrick Mahomes and Co. Surprisingly, the Chiefs came out cold, which has been a rarity this season besides the earlier playoff match against the Texans. In which the Chiefs won with an amazing comeback led by former league MVP Pat Mahomes. For a majority of the game, Pat Mahomes looked like a college freshman QB, missing multiple checkdown passes to wideopen players, running a lot more than usual, and throwing what looked to be costly interception to 49ers Inside Linebacker Fred Warner while trying to feed his speedster Wideout Tyreek Hill. His passing stats going into the 4th quarter were 16-25, 145 yards, 5.8 yards per attempt, INT, 62.9 Rating. 

If you know anything about Pat Mahomes, you know that this is terrible for how great he is. Going into the fourth, Pat Mahomes threw another interception, this time to Tavarius Moore which gave the Niners another chance to put the game away. With Jimmy Garoppolo under center, who has cracked under pressure a few times this season, a 49ers superbowl win still seemed very likely. The 49ers running game had been near perfection. The 49ers went into the 4th up 20-10, yet lost 31-20. It’s insane, five first round picks in the front seven and elite talent on every level of the defense, with 31 points allowed. For the game to end the way it did with what San Francisco has is unbelievable. Mahomes turned it up and started slinging the ball after the second interception. Throwing two important touchdowns in the 4th quarter. Jackson Connor said, “It definitely wasn’t his best game, he struggled a lot during a majority of the game but flipped a switch when he needed to and lead his team to the win.” Damien Williams played a terrific game, rushing for 104 yards on 17 carries, 1 rushing touchdown 1 receiving touchdowns and 1 fumble. Many fans believe he deserved superbowl MVP but people are happy with Mahomes, whose end of game stats ended 26-42 passing with two interceptions and two passing touchdowns, with an added touchdown on the ground and 29 more yards.

The Niners played a solid game, taking over in the first three quarters. They had a solidified run game that was moving the ball yet shied away from it after obtaining a lead which is very unusual. They used Raheem Mostert (who averaged 4.8 yards per carry with 12 carries for 58 yards and a touchdown) and rookie Deebo Samuel (who had 5 catches for 39 yard, and 3 rushes for 53 yards) effectively until the tailend of the game. The two looked unstoppable. Arguably the best tight end in football, George Kittle was underutilized and didn’t get passed to enough, even when wide open quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo did not pass to him. He only had 4 receptions for 36 yards. Neleo Moses thinks the offense, primarily Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo lost the 49ers the game. He said, “Had Kyle stuck with the run game going into the 4th they likely would have won the game, as the Chiefs had no idea how to stop Deebo Samuel or Raheem Mostert. They lost the game when they trusted Jimmy Garopollo to take over and keep the lead. It was a terrible call by the coaching staff and bad play by Jimmy that lost the Niners the big game.” Marshall Nogueira agrees with Neleo, he said, “It was definitely the offense’s fault. Jimmy Garopollos’ play was not up to par. Jimmy Garopollo only threw the ball 7 times and completed 4 to the offense’s best weapon George Kittle. He missed a few key passes that really put the game away. He missed many reads that were much better decisions. He also had two interceptions that mattered a lot more than Patrick Mahomes did.”

Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs took the lead 24-20. The game was still in reach for the Niners when Jimmy Garoppolo overthrew a wide open pass to former Broncos star wideout Emmanuel Sanders, who was at the 5 yard line and looked primed for a touchdown to put the Niners ahead 27-24. Overall, Jimmy Garoppolo had a solid, if not below average game. It really depends on how you view his interceptions, the two interceptions only lead to 3 points but it also gave the Chiefs chances to comeback and stopped more potential points for the niners offense. Jimmy’s game stats were 20-31 passing, (which funny enough was the endgame score 20 Niners, 31 Chiefs) 219 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions. Like I said, his game was solid or below average depending on how you value empty interceptions. He missed a few throws and opportunities but it was his first time playing in a superbowl so it’s somewhat acceptable. Especially since he’s a pretty average NFL Quarterback, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a team as built as the 49ers. Headcoach Kyle Shanahan was quoted saying after the loss. “I’m not worried or sad, I’m pissed. We will be back next year.” Which could ring true depending on how the Seahawks fill their teams holes this off-season or if the Rams get their stuff together. The 3 top teams in the NFC west are all Super Bowl caliber. It’s simply a matter of who adapts better, builds better, and plays better next year. Overall this Super Bowl was a solid game, better than last year for sure. The better team lost, which happens quite regularly in Super Bowls since it’s one game. For example Superbowl 49, where the stacked Seattle Seahawks lead by Beastmode Marshawn Lynch, and the Legendary Legion of Boom Defense threw the game away. Superbowl 51, where the hyper offensive Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead, even with their top 10 ranked defense. Or even superbowl 53, where the Insane Rams Superteam lost and only put up 3 points. Funny that all of these are NFC teams blowing leads or underperforming. All to the Patriots too. This year’s NFC team blew a lead and underperformed as well. Just as their division rival Rams and Seahawks have. Which means the Cardinals are due to soon go to the big game and lose. Badly.