Springing Into Sports

Kasidy Love, Staff Reporter

The third and final sports season at Auburn High School (AHS) started on March 2nd, in which Trojans have the opportunity to compete in six sports including baseball, fastpitch, soccer, tennis, track and waterpolo.


America’s pastime; baseball. Baseball has eleven home games scheduled for the season with the first occurring on Saturday March 14th against Kentridge High School. Senior Rhett Stein has played baseball since he was four. Stein said the best thing about school baseball is “seeing people come support us, and creating bonds with players and coaches.”


Fastpitch has ten home games scheduled for this season with the first occurring on Saturday March 14th. “When I play softball I lose all track of time, it’s my favorite thing to do. It’s like my happy place” stated senior varsity member Abbie Newman. Newman also stated “I’m very excited because although we lost a few seniors we have gained a lot of new freshman.”


Soccer is another spring sport that has its first game on Saturday March 14th. Senior varisty player Mathew Garcia-Medina has played for eight years, two of which have been for AHS. He stated “ I love soccer, feeling the breeze as you run, and playing with such awesome teammates. AS a team everyone cooperates and is very optimistic. As a member of the soccer program I feel as if soccer is my second home.”


Tennis star and junior Desislava Mihaylova stated “I’m looking forward to playing with my friends out in the sun.” “It’s a fun sport that you can play as a way to hang with friends or competitively and it’s a lot more fun to play than watch” said Mihaylova. The first home game is Wednesday March 18th against Graham Kapowsin High School. 


Boys and girls track and field has four home meets this year. With the Auburn All City meet taking place on Thursday May 7th. Head girls coach and sprint coach Mrs. Oxley stated “I’m really excited about the 2020 track season. Everyday our athletes work hard and compete. They are driven to set personal best and team records and they are very hungry to win.” Invitations are big events during the track season. “Every athlete will be excited to attend any of the invitationals we attend but the Pasco invitational is hands down one of the most exciting. Our athletes will be able to compete against some of the best not only in our state, but also Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada” said Mrs.Oxley. 


Spring season water polo features our fabulous female trojans who swim, weight lift and attack opponents. “I decided to join water polo because I really love swimming and I wanted to try something new” said Freshman Seleen Love. Love is slightly nervous about starting her first season “I have some skills from swim but I need to work hard so I can get better.” Their first home game is against Auburn Riverside on Friday March 20th.


Trojans can still join spring sports and are welcomed to attend any games. The North Puget Sound League website shows all dates for games and meets that trojans can attend.