A.P. Exams

Spring is arriving and so are the A.P. (Advanced Placement) exams this May 6th. The A.P. exams are taken after an A.P. course/class. A score high enough can give students extra credits in many universities and sometimes a lower college tuition bill. The A.P. exams will last for a two week period. 

Students have probably heard about A.P. classes. A.P. (Advanced Placement) are classes run by the College Board that you can take in high school and receive experience and sometimes credit for college. A.P. classes are generally free if you apply to them. However if you want to take the A.P exams it will cost about 40 dollars. The A.P. classes Auburn High holds are:

  • A.P. European History
  • A.P. Human
  • A.P. Comparative
  • A.P. U.S. History
  • A.P. Psychology
  • A.P. Calculus
  • A.P. Statistics
  • A.P. Biology
  • A.P. Research
  • A.P. Computer principals
  • A.P studio art
  • English Language & Composition, A.P.        
  • A.P. Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Science A.P.
  • European History, A.P.
  • A.P comparative Government
  • A.P. environmental science
  • A.P. French 1-8
  • A.P. Japanese 1-8
  • A.P German 1-8
  • A.P. Computer Science
  • A.P. Spanish 1-8