Florence Stolz is 103 on March 14

Cat Lee, staff writer

Wodrow Willson was president, the U.S. had entered into World War 1, Babe Ruth was batting for the Red Soxs, women got the right to vote, and prohibition was right around the corner. 

In Kankakee, Illinois, George and Eveline Francoeur had Florence Mary Stoltz on March 14, 1917. She was a teen in the great depression, her husband was in India, Burma in World War 2, and she became the mother of two, John Stoltz, and Georgia Howerd. 

As a child in the depression she enjoyed roller skating, jump rope, hopscotch, drawing , and listening to “Lights Out” with her friends on the radio( Lights Out was a scary story radio broadcast on Sunday nights airing from 1934- 1947).

The depression was hard for Florence. Being one of 12 kids, it was no small feat for her pareants to keep food on the table. She spoke of a boyfriend she had that was a paperboy and on pay day would get her a candy bar. 

 Later she married Stirling Stoltz and had Georgia Howard, September 28. Then Stirling left for the war, he was stationed in Burma. He  flew cargo planes behind enemy lines. He was overseas for two and half years the only way his daughter got to know him was though the pictures he would send. Georgia would tell the picture good night come home when he finally came home Georgia was two and half years old . 

Florence said her happiest memory is when she brought her son John Stoltz home December 18 and showed him to Georgia and Georgia kissed him on the cheek. She said her secret to her long life is to keep breathing.She will be celbrating with Her friends and famaly on march 14.