A table version of tennis is still popular

Jordan Sauls, Staff Writer

Invented in Great Britain during the late 1800s, Ping Pong is a sized-down table version of the classic sport we know as tennis. It started out as a simple make-shift tennis court made with a cleared table, a couple of paddle-like objects, and a small ball, typically played in parlors. Just about all the rules of tennis have been ported to it’s little brother.

Over 300 million people in the world, mostly Asian regions with Europeans falling close behind, participate in games.

Ma Long is a professional Ping Pong player who, from 2017 to 2019, has won the World Table Tennis Championships three times straight. He has commented before about the state of the sport going forward in the future, saying “This is completely normal. In every sport, the amount of time when anyone can stay at the peak isn’t very long. It will keep ebbing and flowing.” (Ma Long, 2019, OlympicChannel.com).