Seniors working to finish requirements

As the second semester moving seniors are working towards the requirements they need to graduate on Saturday, June 20th at Memorial football field located across from Auburn High; seniors and staff are ready for the day, but, before the day comes seniors have to get ready by passing all their classes and the requirements they need. Graduation is something students look forward to, receiving that diploma they worked so hard for the past twelve years. Graduation can be stressful, but also exciting at the same time and so many mixed feelings. 


The requirements for graduating are twelve hours of community service, twenty-two point five credits and finishing career cruising. The requirement credit for graduating for the past years has been twenty two point five, but at the end of this year, it has been changed to twenty-four. The lower classmen are stressed about the number, but the upper classmate says the opposite, Naylie Espinoza a senior said, “I think they’re reasonable requirements that aren’t too difficult to meet.” 


Niem Vo who is one of the senior students said, “Now that graduation is just coming up everything is starting to become real that I am going to be considered an adult. I am ready to go to college and start my career.” Seniors are starting to realize they are becoming an adult now that graduation is near.

Some of the seniors are happy but also nervous as Nayeli Espinoza was asked how she feels about graduation and stated, “I’m nervous but happy, It also makes me feel accomplished because it’s a big step towards my future.” 


Graduation is sometimes expected of students because of parents and their circumstances, “I think that graduation is expected of me because my parents want me to succeed.” said Niem Vo. 


As for Nayeli Espinoza she said “I think it’s expected from me, I really have never had a reason to drop out, there have been some really difficult times throughout my four years here, but I just kept going and didn’t give up.” 

Seniors remember graduation is so close and do not let the senioritis kick in and make sure you have everything needed for graduation.