The Coronavirus

Kyle Kilemente, Reporter

The coronavirus makes its way through the affected, spreading through those that are unaware or unsure. People and world leaders all over the globe are starting to be cautious.
Some world leaders are beginning to close down their airlines due to the issues of the coronavirus. Additionally, U.S airlines states that, “U.S. airlines are halting China service because of health concerns from the coronavirus outbreak, shutting down flights between the world’s two largest economies.
American Airlines Group Inc. said Friday it would ‘cease flights Jan. 31, a day after the U.S. government warned people not to travel to China.” In other words, American airlines are being sued. According to U.S News, American Airlines Pilots,Sue to Halt Flights to China. An AP Dallas writer, David Kong, states, “ The pilots’ union at American Airlines, sued, on Thursday to stop the carrier from flying to China and told members not to operate flights there because of the spreading coronavirus outbreak”.
This conveys a message that some world leaders are starting to take action, health care is a big thing for some countries. In review, CDC, as of Feb. 7 there are 12 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the U.S. There have been 225 negative cases, with 100 still pending.
In Washington, as of Feb. 6 there is still only one confirmed case. There have been 20 negative tests with three still pending.
Central Washington University Managing Editor of The Observer newspaper Mariah Valles’ source said, “Identifying the animal source of the 2019-nCoV would help to ensure that there will be no further similar outbreaks with the same virus and will also help understanding the initial spread of the disease in the Wuhan area,” the Feb. 11 WHO situation report states.