AHS Automotive Program offers rewarding and useful skills


Cat Lee, Staff Writer

When you walk into the shop you may hear the sound of a car engine or the sound of the occasional impact. Mr. Kurt Edward is a retired Infinity A.S.E (automotive service excellence)  certified Master technician that teaches the class. There are two classes in automotive program , Small Gas Engines (S.G.E) and automotive. In S.G.E, you learn the basics of an engine, the four strokes of an engine, engine theory , and the parts of an engine. In auto you come together with the other schools in our district and learn about the basic maintenance of a car, and the use of common shop equipment such as lifts, tire machines, and brake machines. Both classes are taught proper shop safety and tool identification. 

Edwards has been in the automotive field for 34 years and teaches industry ready skills as well as basic “do it yourself maintenance”. When asked the biggest challenge of the automotive field he said “it’s always changing the technology is the hardest to keep up on ”. 

Two year automotive student senior Jimmy Captain says the best advice for students looking to take this class is to “Pay attention in small gas and keep up on your online work.” Small gas student  freshman Junior Rivero was put in the class by “his mom and is glad that she did because now looking back would have chosen it for himself “. He came into the class knowing nothing about engines and is looking forward to putting his new knowledge to use fixing and building small gas engines. The class counts as a third level math credit and one semester counts full credit. The automotive program offers rewarding and useful skills.