Robotics Club Prepares for First competition

Arianne Garduno, Staff Member

The robotics club has been working on the built seasons for the past month preparing for the upcoming Auburn Mountainview Robotics competition this 6th of March, and hoping for the possible awards there could be this year. Since January 4th the robotic club has been meeting 4 days a week to work on the Auburn Mountainview Robotics competition this March. The FIRST program states that students are “Under strict rules and limited time and resources.” For the past month members of the robotics club have to raise funds for their resources, design, plan, build and work on the imagery. Winning the first two major competitions increases the chances of participating in a 3rd one.

The robotics club doesn’t just have the first place price in mind. Multiple awards are in mind when working with the robotics team such as the imagery award, Engineering inspiration award, safety award, GP award, and the Team Spirit Award. The robotics club members have received funds from a few companies. However, the robotics club has been collecting donations from stores and companies along with selling candy for a dollar.

Art is an important part of learning which is why the robotics team has been working on their t-shirt, and pin design. The possibility of winning the imagery award has been in mind since the robotics club began. The robotics club has been following the Star Wars theme since that very company has sponsored the FIRST competition this year.

Even though the robotics club members are already successfully reaching their goals they are still welcoming new members to work on the building, organizing, and imagery.