Unified in Love

Hannah McLaughlin, Staff Reporter

Trojan alumni band leaders, Kasidy Love and Gabriel Kindell, playing with the band.
Hannah McLaughlin
Trojan alumni band leaders, Kasidy Love and Gabriel Kindell playing with the band.

On Tuesday, February 11th at 7 pm, the Auburn High school Unified basketball team took on the Kentridge Chargers in the Bob Jones Gymnasium, the theme of the game was unified in love. The Trojan Alumni volunteer band, the cheerleaders and the pit (the student section) were all in attendance to support the team.


Kasidy Love, who was one of the directors of the Alumni band stated that “It was important to have cheerleaders, a band, and a student section to support the team and provide the unified players with a real game day experience”.

Senior Kimberly Mendoza and Freshman Selene Love both part of The Pit student section, and Cheerleadeeding team, agreed that it was extremely important for the players to feel supported and be able to have a true game-day experience. 

Senior, Lizzy Souers, Leads her team in the march.
Senior, Lizzy Souers, Leads her team in the march.



The final score was 48-45 making Auburn the lead, but the score is not what mattered. The unified basketball game really did its job and unified two separate schools.

One of the highlights of the game was when number 21, Lizzy Souers, gets up to make her shoot and unfortunately misses, making the other team get the rebound. In any other game that player would have taken the ball and ran down the court to get their own shot, but they did not, they passed the ball right back to Lizzy so she had another opportunity to make a basket, which she did. The whole gym erupted in shouts of excitement.

The whole game was full of moments like this one, the two separate teams cheered each other on, and helped each other reach success. This is what the game was really about and what everyone in that gym will remember for years to come.