Local Author visits AHS

Joshua Collins, Staff Writer

KateMarie Collins, local fantasy author, spoke to the Creative Writing class on February seventh to talk about the writing process.

The Creative Writing class, currently taught by Mrs. Harmon and available for seniors, focuses on having students write an anthology, play, and children’s story over the span of the semester. Focusing on the process of peer editing and revising, students have the opportunity to explore their creativity outside of the traditional essay format found in many Language Arts classes.

KateMarie Collins, whose son is a senior at Auburn High School, encouraged students to explore the world of writing, while explaining that it is not as easy as some people make it out to be. Before the visit, Collins said over email, “they think that an author simply sits down, types something out, and it’s perfect. It’s not. This is a job, It requires work, dedication, and a thick skin.” Such words reflected the visit, in which Collins explained to the students that there can be five to eight drafts in between the first and final product. Not only that, but that rejection is part of the process. “Be ready for them,” she states on her website, “you’ll probably get a dozen or more. I did. As a fellow writer once told me, the only difference between a published and unpublished author is that one hit the ‘send’ button on the submission.”

During her stand at the podium, she answered technical questions as well as personal questions, including how long she had been writing, “I started writing my first book in 2008. My first release was in 2012. So, it’s been anywhere from 8-12 years, depending on how you count it.” Not only that, but she explained how she grew up in a family that discouraged her from pursuing her passions, making her believe that her talent was only good for writing last minute essays. Students were able to connect with that idea with other hobbies, such as music or sports. Alec Acosta-Vega, a member of the class, stated, “The visit was very rewarding and educational.”

At the end of the email, Collins stated, “I’m open to coming back, if there’s other teachers who think I’ve got something the students need to hear/will learn from. My son graduates this year, though, so I’m not certain about next year. That’s up to the teachers and if they reach out to me in the future.”

Her contact information can be found on her website, katemariecollins.com.