Love describes Love Week for AHS

Kasidy Love, Staff Member

Auburn High School’s ASB has planned the first ever “Love Week” at auburn high school during the week of February 10th-14th, in hopes to promote school community and love while giving students a great send off to winter break.


During Love Week there are different events each day. Such as “Spread the  Love” challenges we began on Monday, pack the gym for Unified Basketball on Tuesday, candy grams will be sold on Wednesday, Kube 93 and cupcakes on Thursday and an assembly on Friday. 


Love Week ends on Valentine’s Day which has been celebrated since the early 1700s in America. This holiday is celebrated “across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones” ( Love Week is themed around this holiday but really has a richer meaning for students at AHS. 


ASB President and senior; Emma Oehler said the ASB came up with Love Week “As a leadership team, we wanted to add a fun week to boost student morale”. She also stated “Love Week at Auburn High School means to spread love and kindness”. Love Week is not focused around couples, its meaning is much deeper; school wide love and appreciation for one another.


Niem Vo, senior, is excited for Love Week. “I love “Love Week” because there are hearts everywhere and the school is fully decorated. I think that AHS is celebrating Love Week to promote school spirit and so that we can all love each other”. Vo’s beliefs fall right into place of what the ASB is hoping students get out of Love Week. 


Promoting school love and school community is an important thing for everything school should try to do. Eric Schaps, author and researcher, found people have “basic psychological needs-for emotional and physical safety; for close, supportive relationships”. The ASB is trying to fill this need in students by having Love Week.


Along with decorations the ASB has planned many events for Love Week. Hannah McLaughlin, senior and ASB community liaison, said “We have lunch games, an assembly, love themed trivia, and many other exciting things planned”. There are lots of activities focused on school love for couples, singles and friends to do. 


McLaughlin also stated “We are trying to feature cultural groups in the assembly, more specifically we are trying to feature a traditional Mexican dance”. The assembly will be similar to a pep-assembly but will focus more on school love, honoring unified basketball and state sport/club members and will feature cultural groups. 

Love Week will be very successful for Auburn High School’s student body because it can be a unifying experience, which can bring together students from different backgrounds and lifestyles.