Meet Adviser Thomas Kaup

Katie Quick

Thomas Kaup is the adviser for the newspaper and yearbook classes. He lives in Auburn, Washington and his hometown is Stuart, Nebraska. One of his favorite memories from Nebraska was riding in a sled while being pulled behind his dad’s truck. He went to five different colleges for different degrees; those colleges are: Creighton University, University of St. Thomas, University of St. Mary of the Lake, Western Governors University, and South Seattle College. His favorite sport is football, and his favorite hobby is watching horror movies and dramas on Netflix. He visited Manila, Philippines in 2013; he went there to meet someone who he had met online through Facebook. That person later became his husband. He used to be in a wheelchair because he had a disability that caused holes in his bones. His bones couldn’t support him, and he couldn’t walk because of it. He also has an artificial hip. Kaup said “I love being an adviser for yearbook and newspaper students, it keeps me young!” The reason he says it keeps him young is because he is always interacting with young people and looking at current events through their eyes.