What snow could mean for Mini Cheer Camp

Seleen Love, Author

Once again this year there have been reports of a snowmageddon all of next week. This, of course; can result in late starts and snow days which can affect our students on the weekdays, but it could potentially affect students of the weekend.

This upcoming Saturday the 18th is not only a basketball game but it is also the day for Mini Cheer Camp hosted by the Auburn High School cheerleaders. At the Mini Cheer camp, there will be children ages 5-13 participating in a dance routine during half time. There will be around 30 kids performing this routine. But with how weather reports look so far the game might get canceled. it is expected to snow and rain on both Friday and Saturday. With the reports of rain, it could melt the snow but it also could make roads icy and make people unable to drive.

With the imminent threat of snow days threatening the events Auburn High has planned, the students hope that the event will still take place.