Winter Wishes

Seleen Love, Author

The Friday before winter break our school held an assembly called Winter Wishes. Winter Wishes is a fun assembly our school holds every year to grant wishes to students and staff.

There is much effort put into having this assembly Mrs. Tarsi the leader of ASB and Leadership has said that, “it is busy. Each of our students are involved in so much for winter wishes including jobs, full class loads of work, and many have jobs.  Sometimes it is difficult to pull together everyone’s schedules but all of the students are working diligently”. They had spent weeks planning on what to do for this assembly and with a limited budget this year there was much hard work going on. 

Winter Wishes itself is one of the most popular assemblies here at Auburn High. Only 900 students get to go each year. Mrs. Tarsi said that “ This year about 40 teachers are bringing students to Winter Wishes.  The list was filled up in less than 24 hours!”

This year’s winter wishes had many different things going on. There were performances from the Auburn High School jazz band and orchestra. Keona Truitt a member of the orchestra and a violin player has said that winter wishes “was a good experience and it was fun being able to attend an assembly based off of giving.” 

During the assembly there were many gifts given out, this year however there was a limited budget. The students who received gifts were Randy Lewis who got ranch dressing, Whitlee Cunningham who received canned corn, Kim Mendoza, Kaylee McCarthy, and Tayler Tinney who all were gifted a red bull, Matthew Hope got a Gatorade, Nhi Le who received a package of starburst, Leah Moses who was given candy canes and kisses, and finally Faith Jezek who got a bag of mints.

This year’s winter wishes was one to remember there was much cheer involved and was a great way for Auburn High to kick off the break.