Surprise visitor tries to crash school assembly


Seleen Love, Author

Photos by Alec Acosta-Vega, Editor in Chief

Last Friday was Auburn Highs Winter pep assembly, and it had many exciting and fun parts including a performance from the BSU and a special appearance from the Grinch. Mrs. Tarsi who is the teacher in charge of ASB said, “At this particular assembly we wanted to spotlight winter sports as well as increase the spirit at our school” 

Before even getting to the pep assembly itself the ASB had put much effort into making this one of our best pep assemblies yet. Hannah McLaughlin who is the Community Service Liaison for ASB  said, “We work on assemblies for about a month before in leadership class and during Troy Time, we also spend time after school decorating the school to promote the assembly and have a run-through on Thursday night at 8 in the gym. Also, the day of we deal with all the last-minute details”. Hannah loves being apart of ASB and the cheer team this year.

This winter pep assembly had Maggie Fonseca and Heaven Gebru singing the national anthem and then went straight into a performance by the Auburn High School Cheerleaders. For many, this will be their last pep assembly so they put much work into making the performance the best they could. Kasidy Love, who has been on varsity for cheer since the 9th grade said, “This year’s pep assembly is one I will never forget. We had to throw the stunting routine together in one night because some of our girls were not going to be there. It was a lot of work but as always, our team pushed through and made the best of what we had.” The other performance that happened was from the Black Student Union or the BSU, for the first time this year in a pep assembly. They did a step routine that enticed the crowd, it was one to remember.

Of course, during the pep assembly, there were quite a few games including student vs. staff dodgeball, students putting on a frozen shirt, and charades. These games as always cheer up our student body and made everyone in the holiday spirit. The ASB as always led our winter sing-along, which truly got the crowd pumped up. There was also a winter sports video showing all the sports running away from a mouse. 

Throughout the assembly, there were multiple pop-ups of the Grinch. Our own security guard tried to make him leave but the attempt that seemed to be successful at first did not actually work and the Grinch returned later. He ripped many decorations but in the end, brought lots of smiles and laughs.

At the end of the assembly the spirit judges which were Mr.Z, Mrs. Moore, and Mr. Diebag awarded the spirit stick to the Senior Class once again. The very last thing that happened to wrap up the assembly was the A-Town spirit cheer led by the ASB. This winter pep assembly was one to remember and had many fun activities that brought in holiday cheer.