Sometimes not getting what you want is a valuable experience

Arianne Garduno, Staff Member

When students think of a future career an athletic job or an office job might be mentioned. Popular choices in careers are athlete, entertainer, doctor, scientist, teachers, and careers that have to do with developing technology. However, in some cases the field that some students pursue may not be hiring. When it comes to careers, there are jobs that are filled, and there are jobs that are high in need of workers.

  When the road of college begins the students who have not yet begin a job will have to find a way to sustain themselves economically. After students get their High School diploma a person now has the profession options of a farmer to a crime investigator.

There are cases in which a student dislikes the idea of having an indoors job and don’t mind a profession that includes physical labor. Lucky these jobs are in high need of workers and most don’t require a college degree. A profession that is in high in need of workers are skilled trades, such as electricians, carpenters, machinists, mechanics, welders and plumbers. A beginner in these professions could make up to $26,000 per year and an experienced worker could make up to $81,099 per year. This type of profession may require training and certification.

Many graduates seek to be able to have a decent paying job in which they won’t have to use much physical labor. These types of jobs are at a limit if a person hasn’t graduated college. Some options graduates could have are mailman, bookkeeper, dental hygienist, care aid, etc. this jobs don’t require a two or four year degree, however they may require training. This type of job might help you with experience that you might require in a specific field. 

The first job that a person has or the one that they have most of their lives might not be the one they wanted or first thought of. People can find the job they need if they look for it.

“Sometimes, not getting what you want can be the most valuable experience of your entire life.” – Tony Robbins