A holiday that brings joy to everyone

Karina Corpuz, Staff Writer

A holiday that brings joy to everyone, a nice vacation with family, Christmas. Just like any other holiday, there are different traditions for everyone. The most common tradition for this type of holiday is having a real Pine tree or a fake one, put nice decorations on it, and some people either put a star on top of the tree or an angel.

When done with the tree, people buy gifts and wrap them up in nice colorful paper, then after  put a bow or a ribbon on it or just leave it plain with someones name on it.

Now for the house itself on the outside, some people love to hang up lights, fake snowflakes, and put up floats of Santa and decorations about the North Pole.

For the inside, they already got the tree, and some prefer to hang up lights inside the house, and put an Elf on a shelf for the little kids, and hang up socks that have names on them and put small toys and candy canes.

Now for the food. Some people don’t really make a big feast, but some lay out some turkey or ham, Mince or Apple pie, and some would have made cookies like ginger bread men and ginger bread houses.

Cookies are the most common food for this holiday because making them  is fun for the kids and most people love it. To decorate the cookies, people use some type of frosting, mostly the color white, and use different sets of candy to decorate the house and the ginger bread man’s clothes like peppermints, gumdrops, and some sorts of hard candy